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DDC2024 Writeup

25 minute read

De Danske Cybermesterskaber 2024 - Kvalifikation

DDC2023 Writeup

27 minute read

De Danske Cybermesterskaber 2023 - Kvalifikation

Drawing with TikZ

8 minute read

Having finished the first semester at the university, I’ve gotten to know TikZ, for drawing figures and graphs, when typesetting in LaTeX. One might argue th...

FE-CTF 2022 Writeup

11 minute read

On the weekend of October 28th, through October 30th, the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE) held a CTF, named “Cyber Demon”, open for anyone. Read mor...

Git: Evolved

13 minute read

Now that we have a basic understanding of how to use git, we will take a deeper look at how git works, and start to see how it really scales. In other words,...